Patient Information

What to know before your first appointment:

If you are filing a claim with your insurance, a prescription or referral is required. Check with your insurance carrier to determine your eligibility for benefits. Paperwork is required on all transactions that are for a medical necessity.

What to bring to your appointment:

  • Credit card for payment
  • Insurance cards
  • Prescription - referral - authorization
  • Valid Driver's license, or Picture ID

Insurance Billing

We are a participating provider for most insurance companies. Also, we are contracted with most major insurance carriers.

Protecting customer information is a priority for Prosthetics by Lynda. We understand that your trust is our most important asset. Prosthetics by Lynda is commited to the protection and proper use of your personal health information

Our office is contracted with most insurance plans and we will bill your insurance for you.  We will assist you in any way we reasonably can to help you get your claims paid.

From time to time your insurance may request further information from you directly, and it is your responsibility to comply with their requests. Knowing your insurance benefits is your responsibility. Please contact your insurance company with any questions regarding your policy, coverage, or to verify that we are on their list of providers.

Patients should remember that professional services are rendered to a person, and not to an insurance company. Thus, the insurance company is responsible to the patient, and the patient is responsible to our office. We will help in every way we can by filing your claim and aswering your questions. Patients are encouraged to stay in contact with their insurance company regarding the claims processing or other questions about insurance reimbursement.

If you have any questions regarding your insurance, please contact your insurance company PRIOR to your initial visit.